Raisin is the dried fruit of the grape, which is dehydrated in different ways according to the types of grapes, and some permitted additives are used, too. It is a healthy food, so it is a suitable alternative for sugar, also significantly used in sweets, cakes and other sweet products.

Iran has a 2000-year history of raisin production of Azerbaijan, Malayer and Qazvin and is one of the top raisin exporter in the world. Due to the quality of Iranian raisins, 70 countries from Europe and Asia are customers of this product.

Raisins are the third largest non-oil export product of Iran after carpets and pistachios.

Raisins are divided to sundry ,sultana ,golden kashmari.


Raisins are rich in iron, potassium, calcium and vitamins. It also has antioxidant properties.

Eating a few raisins per day improves memory and lowers blood pressure due to high fiber.

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100 gr- Raisins

Energy: 99 Cal

Carbohydrates: 60

Sugar: 30

Fat: 1

Protein: 4

Fiber : 5


There are different types of raisin depending on the type of grape, the way it is dried and the area where the grapes grow:

  1. Sultana raisin: This type of raisin is round and seedless. After sulfuring, it is dried in the direct sunlight.
  2. Kashmari raisin: This type of raisin is long and has seed and is produced in Kashmar. It is available in two colors, green and gold, and sulfate is used to change the green to golden color of the raisin.
  3. Thompson raisin: This raisin is round and seedless and is dried in direct sunlight without being impregnated with additives and its color is dark brown.
  4. Malayer raisin: This raisin is like Sultana raisin. The only difference is its light color.
  5. Golden raisin: These raisin is round and seedless and after being impregnated with sulfur, it is dried in the shade to evaporate and change color.
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