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Date Fruit Nutrients and Benefits

Date Fruit Nutrients and Benefits There are different date’s fruits in the worldwide but Iranian date fruit is considered one of the world’s most best and famous dried fruits. All of Iranian date fruit has taste, smell and excellent fragrance and uses them in different medical consumptions, delicious and funny foods and drinks. Ario’s date […]


Dates Fruit Benefits

Dates Fruit Benefits Date is a traditional fruit which has been mentioned over 42 times in the Quran. Iranian date fruit is cultivated in tropical regions and has various types such as Mazafati(Kimia) Date , Piarom (Piarum) Date, Kabkab Date, Mordar Sang Date, Zahedi (Zahidi) Date and etc. the fruit is unfamiliar to some extent for […]

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Types Of Dates Fruit

Types Of Dates Fruit Date is a kind of Fruit which only can be cultivated in tropical and particular regions in the world .Iran because of having diversity in weather condition have been one of the successful and prominent producer of date fruit in the world .among the most important kinds of cultivated date fruits in Iran can […]

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Vitamins In Dates

Vitamins In Dates Dates Fruit is one of the exotic creations of God that every part of its tree is usable for man.! Dates Fruit commonly is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions in the world including Iran. The Fruit is loaded with multiple vitamins and mineral substances which because of this is considered as an complementary food. […]

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Fresh Date Fruit

Fresh Date Fruit Fresh Dates Fruit have a reddish or yellow color and after picking are very hard , very  juicy and have simple sugars like fructose and dextrose. The Dates are available in late summer and its main supplier markets are Eastern Asian markets . Fresh Dates Fruit are ready to eat when are green or what is […]

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Palm seed

Palm seed A Palm Tree seed is the most basic part of a palm which have important role in production of a palm tree and in the following bearing crops. The growth rate of palm seed is very slow and take a complex process .If the all needed conditions such as direct sun   balanced  level of […]

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Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor Dates Dates family  is consisted of various kinds of Dates Fruit with different characteristics in taste ,color and etc. Deglet noor Dates Fruit is one of the members of the big family of Dates which due to the its unique characteristics is differed from other kinds of Dates. Deglet noor Dates which because of its light color is called Date of light […]


Best Foods To Eat For Health

Best Foods To Eat For Health There are several ways to have a healthy body such as Regular exercise , nutritious food and also daily fruit consumption .Fruits and nuts such as apples , almonds , broccoli , blueberries , oily fish , leafy green vegetables , sweet potatoes , wheat germ , avocados and oatmeal  […]

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Date Fruit Calories

Date Fruit Calories Dates Fruits Definition Dates are the fleshy, oblong fruit of the date palm, an enormous tree that closely resembles the coconut palm. Dates grow in clusters that can contain upwards of 200 fruits and weigh as much as 25 pounds. In the Iran, Shahany ,Mozafati, Kabkaab and Zahidiare the most widely available […]