Kabkab Dates is also considered as one of the most popular dates in Iranian production as well as other production dates in Iran.

Kabkab Dates are also high in Iran and has been able to draw attention to world markets in the past few years.

The origin of Kabkab Dates

These dates are cultivated in southern Iran.

Kabakab dates are the product of the province of Khuzestan, Bushehr and Fars.

These dates are cultivated in Behbahan, Bushehr, Clay, Dashtestan, Khormoj and Kazeroun.

Unlike other production dates in Iran, these dates can grow in different regions and, on the other hand, weather conditions in Iran is suitable for these dates.

The types of Kabkab Dates

Kabkab dates have many different types.

Kababab in Iran is commonly available in both sap and vinegar.

Usually, in the world market, dates should be without sour, but in the consumption of these dates in Iran, most people like it are soiled.

However, many foreign buyers of Kabkab dates prefer to choose the type without syrup.

Kababab Dates Features

These dates have a unique flavor.

These dates have a very sweet and interesting flavor that can make the consumer feel good.

These dates are in the form of sticking together.

These dates are completely dark brown in color.

This date is exist in the form of kharak or yellow color.

These dates are oval and the weight of each pieces is between 10 and 18 grams.

The weight of dates depends on the region where the dates are grown.

Also, these dates may be very soft when eaten because of syrup, but the type without syrup is also available.

Harvest Time

Harvest time is in summer.

In September, these dates are quite ripe and ready for harvest.

Of course, the growth of these dates depends on the cultivation area.

And it may change when it ripes.

The date immediately after harvest should be kept in the right places because the sap of the date may be corrupt.

Storage conditions

These dates should be kept in good condition because of syrup and moisture.

If we want to consume these dates in the short term, there is no problem keeping it at ambient temperature.

But if we want to keep these dates for a long time, it should be kept at the right place at the right temperature.

To carry these dates, you must also use devices that have a good cooling system to keep the date healthy.

Also, these dates should be out of reach of insects.

Because of sap and high humidity quickly if not properly maintained local gathering place for the insects.


These dates can be used as sweeteners.

Due to the presence of natural sugars in the structure of these dates, it can be a good alternative to sugar.

In the preparation of cakes and sweets from the palm as flavors and sweeteners also gets a lot of use.

Organic foods that have been grown are being used.

It can also be consumed throughout the day as a nutritious and useful food.

Kabkab dates properties

These dates have a lot of energy for daily consumption.

These dates have enough magnesium.

Due to the presence of iron in the structure of the kebab, these dates can be suitable for people with low blood pressure.

Due to the presence of vitamin C, these dates are a good cure for the common cold.

These dates can also be used to enhance vision.

In addition, these dates have B1 and B2 vitamins

Kabkab Dates Packaging

ORGANIC PRODUCTS Co., using updated standard packaging for Kababab dates, has been trying to use the principles of packaging.

Kababab packaging also has standards of the Ministry of Health in Iran and is also suitable for export.

Fortunately, packaging and storage of palm hearts today is faced with an acceptable progress.

Today, companies such as ORGANIC PRODUCTS  Co. are using the best technology for harvesting, transportation and packaging of dates in Iran, which

has made the customer more confident in the quality of Kababab.

Kabkab  Date

Our company, with its equipped cold storage facilities in dates producing cities, takes care of the dates in the seasons.

The ORGANIC PRODUCTS company also has the highest quality and grade 1, which can easily be suitable for global markets as well as foreign buyers.

Our company also takes into account the satisfaction of the client and maintaining the customer’s health.

The most important goals are always trying to buy high – quality Kabkab dates for purchase.

Which region produces the best kind of Kabkab?

The best kind of Kabkab grows in Khuzestan and bushehr province, Iran.

Is it possible to transact with dollars?

Is it possible to transact with dollars?

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