Sayer Date is also Known as Estameran Dates.

These dates are one of the sweetest dates in Iran and in the world.

These dates are sold well on global markets.

These dates are also consider as iran production.

The origin of Sayer Date

These dates are in the province of Khuzestan.

Khuzestan province, which is one of the border provinces of Iran and is close to Iraq, is the cultivator of this date.

Many palm trees in Khuzestan are cultivating these dates.

In fact, these dates have of great value in exports and one of the most important dates in Khuzestan.

70 percent of the Khuzestan Nakhlestan is cultivating these dates because it has a very high economic significance.

Sayer dates features

These dates are semi-dry dates.

The shape of these dates is oval and has a unique flavor.

These dates have a lot of sweets that are one of the most interesting features of this date.

Others can be considered as one of the unique dates.

These dates are in dark brown color, although it stays in steps until it rips and changes color many times.

On the other hand, these dates do not use much in Iran and are more important in the field of exports.

These dates are fully organic cultivated in Khuzestan province and no additive or chemical is involved in breeding dates.

One of the important cities dates in cultivation of the these dates, is Shadegan.

Harvesting time

These dates are harvesting in mid-October

In fact, these dates will also be picked up in the summer.

Maintenance conditions

These dates are good due to the semi-wetness.

This has led to better storage conditions than other dates.

These dates, if kept at the right temperature and location, can last longer than other dates.

Of course, it should be noted that too much pastry of this date can affect its maintenance, in fact, if not kept in proper place, it may be a

place for insect accumulation.

Also, these dates should be kept completely away from the sun.

These dates also do not require a refrigerator to hold, and this has had a significant impact on the storage and export of these dates,

which made the dates economically very cost effective.


These dates are most commonly used in global markets and outside Iran.

It is involved in the production of various pastries and dates products.

Due to its unique pastry, these dates can be used as a great flavoring in the preparation of food.

Also, these dates are used to make pastes.

Many people use these dates to prepare other foods because of the nutritious nature of these dates, which contributes greatly to the health of the people.

For students and students attending classrooms throughout the day, these dates can also be used as a useful snack for their bodies.

Sayer Date Properties

Sayer Dates as like as other dates production , has many properties.

These dates have fiber, minerals, organic matter and a rich source of protein.

Others can be perfect for children as well as for athletes.

Due to having enough sugar, it can quickly act as an energy saver and eliminate weakness and fatigue.

Dates are also suitable for preventing osteoporosis.

Of course, for people with diabetes, it is better to use these dates in consultation with the doctor.

Also, these dates can be a good alternative to natural sugars due to natural sugars.

Sayer Dates packing

Other date packaging has developed well in recent years.

But the point is that these dates still reach the customer by many companies with poor packaging.

Due to the importance of packaging in the sale of dates, ORGANIC PRODUCTS Corporation has always packed these dates up to date and suitable for the market.

In fact, in addition to high-quality packaging, it must have a robust design, which will have a direct impact on sales.

Packaging should be suitable for food, as it will not be a problem in keeping the dates, and it will not be harmful to the health of the consumer.

ORGANIC PRODUCTS Corporation has always tried to prioritize customer satisfaction in the sale of dates, and has always emphasized this principle.

Which region produces the best kind of Mazafati?

The best kind of Mazafati grows in Khuzestan province, Iran.

Is it possible to transact with dollars?

Yes, you can easily transact with dollars or dirhams.

Is it possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF?

It is possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF if required by the customers.

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