The Effect of Dates Palm Pollen on Masculine fertility

The date palm pollen has always been linked to the culture, history, landscape and food of different Arab peoples, such as the Maghreb or Arabia countries. Its fruits, the dates, are a basic pillar of the diet of these regions, because they have a great nutritional power: a high content of carbohydrates, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Another product extracted from this tree is less known, the palm-pollen-properties-and-proven-health-benefits  or date palm pollen.

Palm pollen has many medicinal properties: fighting against various body ailments and promoting fertility. Among its components are estrogen (sex hormones), which activate egg production and regulate the female menstrual cycle. In the case of men, it improves the quality of sperm, since it increases the number of spermatozoa and facilitates their mobility

Also make date palm pollen a good natural aphrodisiac to fight against lack of sexual desire, helping to increase libido in both men and women

Palm pollen is composed of more or less 17% glucose, 22% protein, 54% calcium and vitamins B7 and B. Mineral elements such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and hormone estrone are present  in it. Besides, Palm pollen is rich in enzymes required for metabolism, and also has antioxidant oils to activate and revitalize the body’s cells.

Other medicinal benefits of date palm pollen


Palm pollen acts as an antioxidant and also as an anti-inflammatory action. So it is recommended to prevent prostate problem in man and also to cure the problem if already affected in the area of this glandular organ.


As already discussed the palm pollen enhances the quantity and quality of the sperm and its motility.  This is not only relevant for men only, it is also optimal for women also in treating the problem of menstrual cycle and production of egg. This is also possible for the estrogen hormone responsible for aphrodisiac, in the instance of lose of sexual desire and sexual rigidity.

In addition to the dietary supplement, date palm pollen is an excellent to improve the body in general.

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